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Serviette, Sevilla

by Rob Matheson

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here are some old arab baths in sevilla which now serve as a restaurant. eating there one evening i became fascinated then excited (sad really) by the silky folds of, and lighting on, my serviette. i couldn't work out why this was, but i never try to rationalise myself out of something that doesn't make immediate sense. the first exposure of about 20 was the one chosen. none of the lighter variations worked. the image demands gloom. only then is the pained, despairing expression, the anguished cry (from the past,or the present?) revealed. whatever is going on here, whatever is unclear, hidden; something does occur to me: this is not exactly a photograph, though the means of capture is photographic; the spirit of zurbaran is here - as in his paintings a mystical melancholy inhabits the folds of this simple object . i changed neither lighting nor composition. i merely observed, fascinated, and pressed a button... sevilla, spain... keywords:black and white, b/w, dark subjet, obscure, occult, angst, grimace, disconcerting, enigmatic, unsettling, dark, horror, terror, scary, background, folds, creases, napkin, sad, sadness, pained expression, horizontal image, worry, stress, depression, despair, face, folded, spooky, scary,weird, dark, esoteric, occult, hidden, mystical, supernatural, transcendental, visionary, enigmatic  

Still Life - B & W

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    Serviette, Sevilla