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Grasses in shaft of sunlight, Cap I Corb

by Rob Matheson

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the essayist robin holloway has written of the music of haydn as "...the strange within the normal, the vast within the modest, the dark within the bright and vice versa..." and i'm reminded of this, in some instances, with photography. this type of image is a case in point. lying on my stomach in the stony undergrowth, squinting uncomfortably through the camera lens, i'm confronted by a world, tiny according to our limited idea of reality, but in its own terms vast, entire... cap i corb, valencia, spain... keywords:magical, close up, black and white, b/w, delicate, enchanted, dark background, dreamlike, grasses, meadow, msterious, natural, nature, horizontal image,  

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Grasses in shaft of sunlight, Cap I Corb